At the European Forum Alpbach, artists create spaces for inspiration and critical reflection.

Their visions and poetic utopias invite you to look at areas of social tension from new perspectives. Installations, performances as well as literary, visual, and musical works make this perceptible, visible, and audible. International cultural institutions, artists, and local scholarship holders conceive and realise experimental and interdisciplinary works that are specifically tailored to the European Forum Alpbach. Let unusual encounters and unexpected situations surprise you!

Artists in Discourse - MEET

25 August 2021

10 am onwards (analogue):  
Olga Neuwirth’s CoronAtion IV: whoever brought me here performed by Robyn Schulkowsky and Joey Baron 

12:30 p.m. -2:00 p.m. (analogue):  
Olga Neuwirth, Ingrid Brodnig, Fatima Moumouni and Mavi Phoenix    
3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. (hybrid):  
Olga Neuwirth, Ingrid Brodnig, Guillermo Martínez and Niki Popper 
5:15 p.m. bis 6:15 p.m. (hybrid):  
Olga Neuwirth, Ingrid Brodnig, Mx Justin Vivian Bond, Helga Davis and Fatima Moumouni 


Exhibitions and installations that invite all visitors to unusual encounters for the entire duration of the European Forum Alpbach.

OUTSIDE | INSIDE by Anna Artaker

The Walks



We invite all conference participants to take part in a multisensory adventure, either at home or in Alpbach. "The Walks" is an app with a series of walks by Rimini Protokoll. Each walk is a short audio experience for a specific place in your city and an invitation to rediscover and interact with your environment. It only takes approx. 20 minutes to do an audio walk. Get going whenever you want and share your experiences afterwards online on our Hopin platform by posting a note using the Miro tool! You decide how many of the walks you’d like to do and in what order. The stories and soundscapes in the short audio experiences are global in scope.

"The Walks" connects people around the world in a local experience via the fundamental human action of walking. Walking in public gained new meaning with the COVID-19 pandemic. An ancient, daily ritual became an integral part of the new normal. People meet, walk, stroll through neighborhoods, play in landscapes, and perceive their environment anew with every stride. "The Walks" understands walking as a theatrical scenario – an audio-guided walk in parks, a staged walk in supermarkets, or timed interactions on riverbanks. In every city, voices, sounds, and music turn familiar places into sites and landscapes into stages, step by step through storytelling, dialogical situations, choreographic discoveries, or musical and rhythmic variations on walking.

Install the app on your smartphone by downloading it from the App Store or Google Play. The first walk is automatically included for free. To unlock the remaining walks, the European Forum Alpbach has secured 1000 codes that will be given out to conference participants who respond to a brief questionnaire. Upon answering two short questions correctly, you will receive an activation code that you can redeem in the app. To ensure that the app runs smoothly, you should have a current operating system (5 or later for Android or 13 or later for iOS). You will need 100 MB of storage space on your device to install the app. "The Walks" is an invitation to walk at varying speeds and intensities. More detailed information about each walk is available in the app. 

Script, Direction: Helgard Haug, Stefan Kaegi, Daniel Wetzel 
Idea, Dramaturgy: Cornelius Puschke 
App Development: Steffen Klaue, Alexander Morosow 
Sounddesign / Mastering: Frank Böhle 
Music / Composition: Frank Böhle et al. (see individual walks) 
Graphic Design: Ilona Marti 
Voice Recordings: Rimini Protokoll, studio lärm, and Lorenz Rollhäuser 
Production Manager: Maitén Arns 
Production Assistant: Steven Sander 
App Development Assistant: Gaétan Langlois-Meurinne 
Translation: Panthea (Naomi Boyce, Aurélien Foster, Anna Galt, Erica Grossi, Vivian Ia, Adrien Leroux, Lianna Mark, Samuel Petit, Yanik Riedo, Lorenzo de Sabbata) 
Experts / Contributors:  Erdem Gunduz, Stephanie Haug, Katja Otto, Martin Schmitz, Antonio Tagliarini 
Speakers: Bente Bausum, Melanie Baxter-Jones, Lena Bruun Bondeson, Lène Calvez, Maimouna Coulibaly, Louisa Devins, Margot Gödros, Melissa Holroyd, Christiane Hommelsheim, Stéphane Hugel, Timur Isik, Mmakgosi Kgabi, Lara Körte, Koffi Kra, Alexandra Lauck, Max Lechat, Joshua Lerner, Steve Mekoudja, Lara-Sophie Milagro, Kamran Sorusch, Antonio Tagliarini, Lucie Zelger 
Documentation / Trailer: Expander Film (Stefan Korsinsky, Lilli Kuschel) 
Thank you: Barcelona Cicle de l’Aigua, Milagro Alvarez, Ignasi Batalle Barber, Aljoscha Begrich, Andreas Fischbach, Jannis Grimm (Institute for the Study of Protest and Social Movements), Ant Hampton, Lilli Kuschel, Jan Meuel, Barbara Morgenstern, Ricardo Sarmiento, Hilla Steiner, Enric Tello, Valentin Wetzel, SA, Gustavo Ramon Wilhelmi 
A production by  Rimini Apparat. In co-production with European Forum Alpbach, creart / Teatrelli, BorderLight – International Theatre + Fringe Festival Cleveland, Fondazione Armonie d’Arte, HAU – Hebbel am Ufer, Hellerau – European Centre for the Arts, International Summer Festival Kampnagel, Zona K, Festival PERSPECTIVES. 
Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and the Senate Department for Culture and Europe. 

Download the App on your iOS mobile device here or by scannin the QR Code on the left hand side.

Download the App on your Android mobile device here or by scanning the QR Code on the left hand side.

EFA Loggia - A Space for Encounters

Speakers' Library

Look out for the “Speakers’ Library”! What books have inspired you lately? We’ll also be asking this question the speakers at this year’s Forum. This means you can get to know the speakers from a whole new angle and get a sense of the books Europe is (or should be) reading. Browse books across all genres and languages in the Congress Centrum Alpbach or look out for our “Book of the Day” online!

Art Interventions

A format where artists get the opportunity to deal with this year's tracks in a performative manner.

Opening of the European Forum Alpbach - Past the Storm, A Dream for Europe 

NO CURE FOR LIFE – a whodunit living room drama

On August 28, artists Sarah Vanhee and Brit Hatzius will open the Health Conference. NO CURE FOR LIFE is a dark-comical play about death in a global capitalist society in the 21st century. For some, death has been suspended; for others, it is the only fate and certainty. For all, the ultimate ideal seems to be: to live without death. Yet we are collectively ill. What does life mean without death inside us? If you have no disease, does that mean you are healthy? Is a world without suffering desirable? Is it a privilege to ask these questions? What future is there for the living? Shush, shush, take this pill, and you will die no more.

Eat the Coal

Initiating the Economic Conference on August 29, the artist duo honey & bunny invite you to a big game! They will divide the Forum into speculative fields. Nothing less than earth is at stake. The future rests on it. We can speculate about it. Earth is coal. Earth is mineral. Earth is life. So much rests in the earth. It is the location of (violent) human striving. It is dirt, it can even poison the air and water to death. honey & bunny take the coal and some bread. They speculate about legacy. They transform the Congress Centrum Alpbach into an “eat art” installation - we may have to get our hands dirty.

honey & bunny

honey & bunny

Home – A State of Being Moved

On September 1, you can experience a multimedia performance that opens the Political Conference. Choreographer/dancer/musician Simon Mayer and video artist/documentary filmmaker Teresa Distelberger declare breath as home and home as a state of being moved – a place where complexity and simplicity, order and chaos exist at the same time – just like a colorful greyzone. What seems like a paradox, becomes clearer when the trance states of being moved and the video work start a dialogue, in order to question the common mis-/understanding of home as a place of stability, traditions, conventions, safety, nationalism, borders and folk culture. While whirling into the unknown, the dervish philosophy of ‘finding peace in the midst of chaosʼ is getting embodied. The performance proposes to inhale an unknown feeling of home by welcoming change and celebrating the states of being moved.

Art Events

Concerts, readings, and specially designed formats that surprise in terms of content and aesthetics in astonishing constellations.

Invisible Transformation


In our professional and private lives, each of us plays a role. Expand and explore your role in an unusual way in our new A³ Alpbach Arts Ateliers!

We now offer special artistic workshops to all on-site participants in Alpbach to expand their skills. During the Seminar Week there already is a great emphasis on artistic and skill-orientated seminars for our scholarship holders. For the very first time this year, we are expanding these offerings into the conference itself. Learn new and stimulating artistic approaches and dive into outstanding personal experiences. The workshops will expand your skills and enable you to push intellectual and emotional limits!

No previous experience necessary – everyone with a conference ticket is welcome! Prior registration is necessary on a first come, first served basis. Details on how to register will follow soon!

A³ Alpbach Art Atelier: Alter Europa

A³ Alpbach Art Atelier: Music

Join this workshop on August 31! In professional and private life, each of us plays a role. Explore your role “in an unusual way”! During the Seminar Week there has already been an emphasis on artistic and skill-orientated seminars. Arts scholars from the Music and Arts University of Vienna will share their knowledge and help you learn new stimulating artistic approaches. You will dive into outstanding personal experiences. Surprise yourself in overcoming intellectual and emotional limits! No previous experience necessary!

#efatec ART

#efatec: The Art of Radical Change

The Alpbach Technology Symposium supported by the University of Applied Arts Vienna and the Vienna Biennale for Change 2021 emphasizes the significant role of the arts in the Great Transformation. The radical nature of changes in economy, politics, and education must correspond with the radical nature of the climate crisis and the technological revolution. The plenary session poses three elaborated theses about the art of radical change which will be discussed by Katja Schechtner (Research Fellow, MIT Senseable City Lab), Gerald Bast (President, University of Applied Arts Vienna), Christoph Thun-Hohenstein (General and Artistic Director, MAK – Museum of Applied Arts Vienna, Head of the Vienna Biennale) and Corine Pelluchon (Professor of Philosophy, Université Gustave Eiffel).

The panel is followed by the performance „BREATH“.

#efatec: BREATH

Following the plenary session „The Art of Radical Change“, the performance „BREATH“ will set a new light on the former discussed topics.

While decades in the making, the current moment has led to a pointed question: how can we breathe again? Connecting recent developments in global ecological, biological and social systems, the three artists Gloria Benedikt (Research Artist, IWM Institute for Human Sciences), Robert Weithas (Member, Vienna State Ballet) and Marietta Kro (Independent Artist) explore with the help of science and technology how we got here, what we can do and where we could go.