Digital Conference / Hopin

What does the conference tool of the EFA digital conference look like and what can I expect?

We use the conference tool "Hopin", which has many functions that also allow interaction between participants, or participants and speakers. Here is a video tutorial to help you find your way around the conference tool.

How can I get access to the digital conference of the European Forum Alpbach 2021?

In order to participate in the digital conference, you have to purchase a ticket here. After the registration you will receive an access link (magic link). Please safely store this e-mail, in order to find it again in the future. The magic link will always bring you directly into the event. Make sure to set up your profile on the conference tool "Hopin" in advance. To assure a smooth access, please set the event page of the European Forum Alpbach 2021 on "Hopin" as a bookmark. For step-by-step instructions watch this video.

I can't find the access link to the digital conference. How can I get access to the digital conference?

Please make sure to search through your e-mails for "Hopin" and check your spam folder for the e-mail with the access link (magic link). If you are already registered on Hopin, you can also directly enter the event and log into Hopin. For step-by-step instructions watch this video.

I am experiencing technical difficulties (no sound, no video,...) with the digital conference tool "Hopin". What can I do?

  • Make sure to use the browser Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Make sure you have a secure internet connection. Adjust the quality settings in the stream window (bottom right) to a lower quality.
  • Please refresh the browser page or switch from one browser to another.
  • Make sure to only have 1 Hopin tab open (and close all other applications).
  • If nothing works restart your computer or switch to another device (checkout the Hopin mobile app on Android and iOS).
  • Here is a video for troubleshooting tips and how to come on screen.

Is the digital conference barrier-free?

We are using the digital conference platform "Hopin". Unfortunately, this software is not suitable for screenreaders of visual impaired people. We are working on improving these possibilities for the next years to come.
Unfortunately, due to financial and personnel resources, we are unable to offer subtitles for the sessions of this year's digital conference for hearing impaired people. However, we are doing our best to subtitle our content on our social media channels to make it accessible to everyone. We will also use these channels to report on key topics and events during this year's Forum.

In which languages will the discussions of the digital conference take place? Which events will have translations? Which language translations will be made?

The European Forum Alpbach 2021 will mostly take place in English. Only a few events within the scope of our digital conference will be held in German. These will be marked as German language events. This year, translations will not be available.

The time indications are adjusted to which time zone?

All program dates are adjusted to the Central European Time (CEST).

What can I do if I feel uncomfortable because of the behaviour of other digital participants?

Participation in the online conference of the EFA requires professional and appropriate behaviour at all times.

Please find the Netiquette of the European Forum Alpbach here: Netiquette

If you experience uncomfortable situations, please feel free to contact our Ombudsperson:

Are sessions recorded? 

Thank you for your question. Since the focus of this year's digital conference is on its interactive element, we are currently only planning to publish session recordings of the last day for the entire following day. You can access these recordings over the "Replay" tab on the bottom left-hand side on Hopin itself. The recordings won't be available after that. We would really hope that all attendees will actively participate in the live moment and share thoughts, experiences, and insights.

Who can i contact if i face difficulties?

For broad technical issues you can contact the Hopin support (help button on Hopin).
If you want to get in touch with our organisers, visit the EFA Helpdesk (expo area on the left navigation bar) or ask for help in the global chat and our EFA organisers will help you out.